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Perfect Ginger Mocktail Recipes for Summer


As summer gets closer, many of us are planning how to spend it with friends and loved ones. It’s no secret that drinking is one of Britain’s favourite past times, however Fighter Shots is pleased to offer a healthier alternative for picnics and gatherings- mocktails! These recipes all include the goodness of ginger best shared with friends. Keep reading to get inspired and see our favourites for this summer.


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Virgin Ginger Mojito

Mojitos are a popular cocktail of choice so why not try it with a ginger twist? Using Fighter Shots in mocktail recipes combines the health benefits of lemon and ginger, promoting a strengthened immune system and a well-needed energy boost. Lemon and ginger are perfect ingredients to combine with the refreshing taste of mint and lime.

Ingredients for 2 small mocktails:

3 tsps sugar.

320ml Fighter Shots (Ginger).

1 lime, juiced.

200ml lemonade.

1 handful of mint leaves.



  • Using a pestle and mortar, crush the mint leaves with the sugar. Set aside.
  • Halve the lime and juice using a lemon squeezer.
  • Pour the lime juice into two glasses with crushed ice and mix with 320ml Fighter Shots (divided between two glasses, this is 160ml or roughly two and a half shots each).
  • Divide the mint mix and stir well into both glasses, topping with 100ml lemonade each. Serve chilled or cold.


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Ginger and Elderflower Refresher

This is the perfect light and refreshing drink, best shared with friends. Ginger’s sharp edge, combined with elderflower’s light and sweet flavour, creates a welcoming and crisp combination ideal for a summer’s day. This refresher is similar to alcoholic coolers, which might use gin and vodka. By cutting out the alcohol and replacing it with ginger, you may be more likely to enjoy reduced inflammation and nausea (as well as less of a hangover in the morning!).


Ingredients for 2 small mocktails:

75ml Elderflower Cordial.

320ml Fighter Shots (Ginger).

A handful of roughly chopped mint leaves.

300ml Cloudy Lemonade.



  • Prepare two glasses with crushed ice. Divide the elderflower cordial into two equal measures and mix this in both glasses with the divided cloudy lemonade.
  • Stir in 320ml Fighter Shots (divided between two glasses, this is 160ml or roughly two and a half shots each).
  • Add the mint leaves and stir well. Best served cold.


Maybe your favourite cocktail can also be enhanced with ginger. Why not try a twist on a pina colada with added ginger? Or perhaps a sidecar mocktail, infusing ginger with the taste of lemon and lapsang souchong?

We think that these drinks are a great addition to any gathering and a sure way to impress guests. If you choose to recreate any of these recipes, tag us on Instagram- @FighterShots!  

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