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Become a stockist

Fighter Shots has been steadily expanding since 2019, and we are always looking for new ways to develop our brand. Constantly developing our accessibility to future customers is something we really pride ourselves on. 

From online marketplaces, coffee stores, to delicatessens, we’re diverse in the ways we can offer our shots. We are committed to making the mighty power of ginger accessible to many more of our amazing customers.  

We regularly update our blog to suggest ways our amazing customers can enjoy our Performance Shots. We recommend reading this if you are interested in learning more about our product and the ways in which Fighter Shots promotes wellbeing, healthy lifestyle , and a range of more great benefits. We also create content for suggestions in ways in which our shots can be enjoyed. If you would like to learn more about our commitments to sustainable packaging, natural ingredients, and nutritionally balanced products please follow our social media accounts linked on the page for further updates.

Fighter Shots is always looking to improve and enhance our product reach, which is why we are always interested to hear from potential new stockists. If you would like to be a stockist, please contact us at: 

In the UK, our shots can be purchased from online marketplaces (Amazon, Yumbles), wholesalers (Creoate, The Fine Food Angel, DDC) as well as a range of health stores and independent stores across the country.

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