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Fighter Shots is among the Great Taste winners of 2020

Great Taste, the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards, has announced its stars of 2020 and we are extremely honoured to be among the winners!

Out of 12,777 products sent in from 106 different countries, we were awarded two 1-star Great Taste awards, for our ginger and activated charcoal shots.

There were 12,777 entries into Great Taste this year and of those products, 205 have been awarded a 3-star, 1,294 received a 2-star and 3,818 were awarded a 1-star accolade. The panel of judges this year included; cook, writer and champion of sustainable food, Melissa Hemsley, cook, writer, stylist and voice of modern vegetarian cooking, Anna Jones, celebrated Spanish chef, José Pizarro, Kavi Thakrar from Dishoom, food writer and cook, Xanthe Clay, and baker and author, Martha Collison, as well as food buyers from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Waitrose.

This is what the estimated judges have said about our ginger shot:

  • What a stunning fresh bold sweet ginger cordial, with layers of aromatic, earthy flavour notes. It is precise and punchy. The addition of lemon is genius, especially as the lemon choice is sun kissed and sweet, and not at all bitter. The honey brings a good roundness of fructose and toward the end the heat wafts in to embrace the senses in root ginger heat. We do feel the sweetness level could do with a slight dial down in terms of flavour balance.

  • Lively lemon freshness and bold spicy ginger hints on the nose transfer to the palate: mouth-watering, tongue-tingling, vital, vibrant and vigorous. Mouth-filling, soft, silky and fully textured. Fresh aromatic ginger, zesty lemon notes from both the peel and the juice, warming spice round off with a gentle sweetness. With well-balanced levels of sweetness and acidity, this lively little shot manages to be both racy and soothing. A perfect wake up call to give the body a boost or use as a more mellow medicinal approach with some added hot water. A really top little bottle that delivers!

The feedback on charcoal shots:

  • When faced with a deeply dark and black liquid, you do think the only black drink you should consume is one with a fluffy white head from Ireland! So it was with a little trepidation that we sipped this drink. It is interestingly viscous with black charcoal (and we would think some light fruit pulp) floating within. The mouth feel is both smooth and slightly chalky. It is acidic but not in a cheek tweaking way. It is sour but not unpleasantly so and is quite fruity too. It's a difficult product to judge for Great Taste because we are looking for exceptional taste. This charcoal shot does have a lot more flavour than we thought it might and we do hope it's doing us some good, binding the toxins in our body to the charcoal and getting rid of them. An intriguing product that has been balanced well with fruit and charcoal.

At the time of entry, in January 2020 we did not have our turmeric or manuka shots yet; we will enter them into the contest in 2021.

Given the encouraging feedback on the charcoal shot, we might reintroduce it into our range too.

The results are available here:


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