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30 plants per week challenge

Do you want to make a conscious effort to boost your overall health? Our cheat sheet will help you to consume 30+ plants per week, which will provide you with all the nutrients you need!


According to expert Dr Tim Spector from the British Gut Project, we should be consuming 30 different types of plants per week for optimal gut health.*

It was discovered that the wider the variety of plants we consume, the healthier and more varied the bacteria in our guts will be. A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, in improving brain health, your moods, sleep and aiding effective digestion. So take care of it now! 

Our Fighter Shots Plant Points Challenge is designed for you - to help you to track your plant-based consumption to boost your health, wellbeing and immunity alongside taking your daily Fighter Shot! With busy lives, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of what you're eating and your progress - so our free, downloadable PDF that you can tick off daily is designed to make plant consumption as easy as possible! 

Take on the challenge with us and track how much healthy goodness you consume or where you might want to improve by simply ticking a box when you've consumed a plant portion. If you'd like to share your progress with us, tag us on Instagram @fightershots. Good luck! 

*From a study made on the gut microbes of 10,000 people.