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Transform your health with our all-natural ginger shots, backed by research and expertly crafted to boost your immunity and vitality.


Ginger Dosing Bottle, makes 4+ shots (250ml)

Fighter Shots 100% Natural Ginger Dosing bottle - 250ml
Fighter Shots 100% Natural Ginger Dosing bottle - 250ml
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Please Welcome Our Latest Product: Ginger Dosing Bottle by Fighter Shots

We are very proud to present you with the latest 250ml Dosing Bottle.

It contains the exact same ingredients as our little ginger shot (35% organic ginger, lemon, water, honey), but you can now enjoy it for longer.

We hope you will love the new, more economical format.

Fighter Shots is among the Great Taste winners of 2020

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Why should you be consuming ginger daily?

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