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Our Story

On our mission to bring “the mighty power of ginger" to everyone. 

The Idea

Early 2019 Anna Szymanowska (Founder of Fighter Shots) first tried ginger drinks while overseas. She was so impressed by how much better she felt, she started on a mission: to create a great tasting ginger shot-in-a-bottle to make this wonder ingredient more accessible.Several months of intense research later, Fighter Shots was born. Using Anna’s blend of only the very best natural ingredients, bottled in recyclable glass (to prevent leaching and plastic waste), these invigorating shots of warming deliciousness are a convenient way to pack in indispensable nutrients. Anna first sold her ginger shots to her friends. After getting lots of positive feedback. Anna decided to start selling her products to the wider public and set-up her shop on shopify.

On the road to bring the mighty power of Ginger accessible in the UAE


fighter shots founder

When the world was upside down (coronavirus, lockdowns and restrictions) that Kavita Madhvani met Anna through their business school network. Kavita has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and a passion for health and fitness. She saw Fighter Shots as the perfect opportunity to invest and work for a business she believed in. Almost a month after meeting Anna, Kavita finally became co-founder of Fighter Shots! Anna had the idea to expand her product to the UAE. Kavita lives in Dubai, she naturally helped her to map out a plan to expand the business. Fast forward to mid-August, the first shipment of Fighter Shots arrived in the UAE. Kavita found herself with 415 boxes of ginger shots in her apartment! #startuplife. Read the full story here.

Turmeric Shots

In August, Fighter Shots secured £150K in funding via Crowdcube. The funding round closed 15 days ahead of schedule after the business successfully attracted over 300 new investors and was substantially overfunded 2x above the target. In September 2020, our Ginger Shot won a 1-Star Great Taste Award. The jury said: “A perfect wake up call to give the body a boost or use as a more mellow medicinal approach with some added hot water. A really top little bottle that delivers! Read more here.  We are becoming bigger. At the end of 2020, we welcomed Dina Bahrami. During 2021, the team grew from one employee to five!In January we also launched our first vegan shot: Ginger and Beetroot.By 2025, we aim to sustainably boost immunity and vitality throughout Europe, the Middle East, the US and Asia.