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Health Benefits - Drink Better, Live Better

                      The Amazing Health Benefits of Fighter Shots


Fighter Shots are made from 100% natural ingredients including, ginger root, turmeric, Manuka honey, marine collagen, cinnamon and lemon to boost your energy and immune system.

Our ginger shot has ca 30 kcal and it has been awarded a 1-star GREAT TASTE AWARD of 2020. It contains ginger and lemon to support the immune system, which makes it an important winter wellness drink. This combination is the source of Vitamin C, Antioxidant, and Potassium that detoxify the body, reduce nausea and inflammation.


Our ginger + Manuka honey shot keeps you hydrated, improves the appearance of your skin, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. We have added Manuka honey as it also transmits the benefits of ginger to the body and doubles the antioxidant properties. This mixture helps with indigestion, morning sickness and is a natural pain killer.


Our ginger + turmeric shot also contains fresh lemon juice and honey which can be added to your daily healthy habit as it is an excellent source of protective compounds. It mainly protects you against illness, chronic inflammation, and infection.


If you are specifically looking for a superfood shot to help your skin and bone health, then our Marine collagen + Ginger shot is the best option for you. This shot helps skin rejuvenation, nail growth, wound healing, brain health, and weight management. Hydrolysed marine collagen reduces the risk of joint deterioration and adds to bone density.


For several reasons, we are using glass-made bottles for storing our juices; glass has no chemicals, it minimizes the risk of oxidation which can lead to bacterial growth and contamination, is 100% recyclable as it’s made of all-natural and sustainable raw materials and it also extends the shelf life our shots, which allows us to ship worldwide.