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How do our all natural shots have such a long shelf life?

Hi Everyone!

Some of you have been wondering how our all-natural, potent ginger shots have such a long shelf life. How, if our products do not have any preservatives, are they able to stay good for several months and in ambient conditions? How do we manage to retain all our positive attributes and nutritional value without scarifying our ‘all natural’ claim by adding conservatives? The answer is simple: a very low pH level and mild pasteurization.

A low pH level refers to liquids or solutions that have less than 7 on the pH scale. This automatically categorizes them as acidic. Why is it important for our products to be acidic? Because they are able to remain good over large periods of time. Microorganisms, such as mold, yeast, and bacteria, are very sensitive to the levels of pH in food. When levels are either very low or very high, these microorganisms can’t develop, being this an excellent prevention method.

Also, our packaging is a very important piece of our cero preservatives and conservatives’ puzzle. Our shots are bottled in glass bottles with a tight seal. After the ginger concoction has been poured into the container, it’s sealed, and no oxygen comes in. This prevents the formation of microorganisms as well because they need oxygen to subsist.

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