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Have A Sore Throat? Here Are 5 At-Home Remedies to Ease the Pain.

We can all agree sore throats are among perhaps the most common health ailments, especially with winter around the corner.  Sore throats are normally caused by infections including the normal cold, influenza and strep throat and although they can be very painful, they frequently disappear within seven days.

Can't make it seven days? Fear no more, we have 5 at-home remedies that can help soothe your pain.

  1. Herbal Tea

First and foremost, hot drinks will help aid the sore throat and there’s a wide range of herbal teas you can experiment with for effective relief. Clove tea and green tea both contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to battle against infections while providing relief.

Raspberry, chamomile, and peppermint tea are known to be the best for soothing pain and reducing inflammation. Chamomile tea can also serve as a natural lubricant, so if your voice is feeling quite dry and you're having trouble talking, this might be your best option.  Also, peppermint tea can normally numb your throat and mitigate your pain.

  1. Honey

Honey mixed in tea or taken on its own is a common household remedy for a sore throat. Honey has been even more effective at taming night-time coughs than common cough suppressants. Further study shows that honey is an effective wound healer, which means it may help speed healing for sore throats. Honey, whether it is mixed in tea or taken on its own is a common household remedy for a sore throat.


  1. Lemon

Like honey, lemons are great for sore throats since they can help break up mucus and provide relief from discomfort. In addition to this, lemons are loaded with Vitamin C which assists with boosting the immune system and give it that extra push to ward off infections. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice into a glass of warm water and drink for quick relief.



  1. Ginger

Ginger might help sore throats in various ways. For instance, it might give some help with discomfort as an anti-inflammatory. It additionally supports resistance to help with battling infections that cause sore throats. Ginger is additionally considered to have antimicrobial properties that might help with fighting infections such as bacterial or viral, including those that cause sore throats.               



  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple juice vinegar has numerous antibacterial uses. Various examinations show its antimicrobial effects in battling infections, due to its acidic nature it tends to be used to help break down bodily fluid in the throat and prevents bacteria from spreading. If you sense a sore throat approaching, dilute 1 to 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in one cup of water and gargle with it. Then take a small sip of the combination and repeat the entire process a few times in the day.

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