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Do you know how to store your food properly?

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Cecilia Miglio is a second year student in the MA Industrial Design course at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

For more than two years she has been passionate about how low-tech solutions can be used in our everyday life to save resources and make our way of living more sustainable. 

In December 2021 she attended the Low-Tech formation camp in Bretagne, a series of workshops and conferences organised by the Low-Tech Lab (, a French association aiming at contributing to the emergence of ways of living, producing or consuming that are more sober, respectful and resilient.

There she came in contact with the “Habitat Low-tech” project, a prototype of an autonomous house, in which Pierre-Alain and Clément lived for one year and measured the economic, ecological and ergonomic impact of several low-techs in a Western context.

(Picture: from the Telegramme, Credit: ISABELLE CALVEZ)


Inspired by this experience, she took up the challenge and, for her graduation project, she decided to work on a Low-tech solution to optimise food conservation.

In fact, nowadays, refrigerators have erroneously become our first response to the conservation of any fresh food. Beyond the fridge is a food storage system composed of different climate compartments, which allows to best preserve some types of food without using energy. The project aims to re-evaluate traditional teachings, raise awareness on our consumption patterns and save money while reducing our carbon footprint.


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We at Fighter Shots always enjoy learning about sustainability, and we think that you will find her discoveries fascinating as well.

Store better - Keep your food fresh for longer !

Cecilia has created a wonderful quiz designed to teach about the best ways to store food, especially fruit and vegetables. Please take this 5 minute challenge, it will help you save some space in the fridge!

Interested in staying up to date with Cecilia's latest project developments and findings? Don't forget to follow her Instagram account, @beyond_the_fridge, where you can also find useful tips to engage in the ecological transition in your everyday life!

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