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Developing goals – find your routine in 2021!

We made it to the end of January!

A big round of applause for everyone for finding the strength to persevere through the latest lockdown.

I wanted to come here and open dialogue and discuss goals! I believe it is always a good time to set some personal goals including business goals, family goals, and lifestyle goals.

Everyone discusses new resolutions and goals at the end of each year and typically you begin to think about setting new goals for the upcoming year, but how many times has the first month of the year started and you have not yet chosen a goal? It naturally makes you think, you have started this year without any road map and you no longer have the motivation to plan for the whole year ahead. This is exactly why I shared this blog today to say that it is always a good time to plan and set new goals as it provides guidance and direction to your life!


First and foremost, let me introduce myself to you all, my name is Dina Bahrami and I am interning with Fighter Shots and focus on Marketing and Sales Support. I wanted to delve into my goals for 2021 and how I will try to stay focused and motivated.

Well, I decided to set a daily routine to become my best self this year! But, let me be honest with you, finding a routine is hard but sticking to the routine is ten times harder! I first began by mapping out my daily habits and began by prioritising certain responsibilities, i.e. developing my business idea, my internship, my hobby of making candles, listening to podcasts, hiking, cooking, spending time with my family and friends and last but not least yoga.

Whilst prioritising my list, I realised I need to plan for certain activities. I personally found the application ‘Tick Tick’ very useful, it’s more like a ‘to-do’ list and you can tick all the activities once done. It also sends alerts and reminders to complete daily tasks.


“Be stronger than your excuses!”


Now that I have a mapped out a plan and found an application to remind me of my daily tasks, meetings, and activities there is no excuses! Unfortunately, it isn’t ever as easy that, especially with working remotely daily routines tend to be harder to define than usual. I tweaked my desk to have more visual prompts (a vision board with lots of quotes helps me) and enhances my productivity and limits procrastination! I also added a potted plant to my desk to display growth around me and I bought a small glass-made whiteboard to write post-it notes. I also make candles in spare time and I made one for my desk, with refreshing and rejuvenating scents like vanilla and cinnamon to help perk me up!


Set Schedules! 4 pm is my SHOT time!


I prefer having my ‘pick up me’ later in the day, so I revert to my daily ginger shot at around 4pm! I enjoy having a small sweet snack alongside it, by Iranian tradition we eat lots of baklava and dates so I usually will have it alongside my shot!


Bedtime goals!


As part of my routine and goals this year I am aiming to have more relaxed evenings to enhance my sleep cycles. Instead of scrolling my Instagram and other social media outlets, I have decided to listen to a podcast before going to bed. I also try to incorporate a short 10-minute meditation so I can clear my mind and unwind from the day’s activities. My evening routine is successful so far and I am really enjoying the deep breathing and time to unwind. Some evenings I have even fallen asleep during the podcast!!


I wanted to wrap up by saying, remember when you want to set goals you need to define what you’re aiming towards and always be realistic with yourself. Once you set a good, measurable, attainable, time-bound, and achievable goal then it will help provide you with direction and I have noticed writing down goals, helps you to stay more committed and inspired.











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