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Demystifying Collagen — A Remedy for Inner Strength

When you think of collagen… what comes to mind? Anti-aging creams? Collagen injections?

While these treatments prevent wrinkles and can help unlock your skin’s natural glow, there are other health benefits to collagen that offer you more than just a pretty face. Eating and drinking collagen as part of a balanced diet can work wonders for healthy cell production and renewal.

But what exactly is collagen…?

Our body’s natural proteins are composed of 25–35% collagen. Its high abundance is crucial for your body’s connective tissue and reinforces the structure and integrity of your skin, hair, nails, muscles, cartilage, bones and tendons. The skin alone is made of almost 70% collagen!

Natural collagen production is at its highest at a young age. This is a reason why children have such smooth and healthy skin, heal more quickly and tend to be more flexible. As we age our collagen levels drop, with production coming to a complete halt by our late 20’s!

To combat this, for the past two decades Asian beauty companies like Shiseido have used collagen in their skincare and digestible beauty supplement range. Many Japanese and Korean people especially have integrated this form of natural supplementation into their health and skincare routines. With a greater awareness of the benefits of collagen coming into the limelight in Western markets, a variety of collagen-infused consumables are emerging. Consumers are spoilt for choice!

Introducing Fighter Shot’s Ginger and Marine Collagen juice shot!

A vibrant addition to our shots range, our ginger collagen juice helps you achieve a natural glow and shine while replenishing your body’s core composition and building your inner strength. Our drink contains numerous antioxidants and vitamins that work with the collagen to maximise positive effects on the body.

Our hydrolised marine collagen is favourable to bovine collagen since the molecules are smaller in size. This promotes absorption and bioavailability, increasing the proportion of collagen that enters circulation and has an active effect in the body. Unlike bovine collagen, our ginger collagen shot is also suitable for pescatarians.

While pill and powder alternatives are available, Fighter Shots marries a richness of 5% collagen with a fierce zest from 16% cold pressed ginger root. Ginger, the base of all Fighter Shots flavours including ginger turmeric, is a renowned superfood that has been used for thousands of years for curative purposes. It contains a high dose of vitamin C which fights fevers and cold symptoms.

Our customers across the UK have praised the silky, punchy taste of our delicious ginger collagen shot. Many have subscribed to receive our shots weekly or monthly as a means to integrate collagen into their health and skincare routines and boost long-term bodily vitality and immunity.

Consuming collagen in liquid form specifically has been found to improve overall skin condition, reducing the severity of cellulite and stretch marks and lessening the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face and neck.

If you want to look and feel great, try Fighter Shots’ super ginger collagen juice and be sure to glow and shine!

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