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Drink and be better! Boost productivity and health while supporting local businesses

Busy workers often lack quick and healthy drink options. Of the few options available, they are usually less healthy than claimed and do not offer a rich composition of natural ingredients. For many, a lifestyle of coffee and sugar boosts have become the norm to get people through their hectic day.

According to a 2019 UK-based survey, approximately 25% of drip coffee drinking occurs at work/the office. What’s more, the British Coffee Association found that UK coffee consumption has soared to nearly 100 million cups a day, with 6% of British people drinking more than six cups daily! Consuming more than four standard cups can increase susceptibility to anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues among others. Coffee is also known to be an appetite suppressant and can cause drinkers to substitute away from nutrient rich drinks and foods.

Over-indulgence in unnatural sugars also comes with a host of negative health effects. In many offices throughout the UK, the trap of “office cake culture” and sweets in the break room have become an occupational health hazard! Instead of celebrating milestones with a cornicopia of cake, why not shift towards a healthier culture of organic and natural nutrient rich treats at work?

Barings, a global investment management firm which employes over 500 professionals in London, has done just that. They’ve made Fighter Shots (organic ginger-based juice shots) available in their canteen, encouraging a culture of healthier energy boosting while supporting an entrepreneurial business.

We caught up with Sara Stewart, who leads Hospitality & Catering at Barings, for a quick Q&A about our shots.

  1. Why Fighter Shots?

We like that Fighter Shots is an entrepreneurial product that uses sustainable practices. Supporting new businesses that share our values fits well with the Barings ethos. We’ve continued ordering after our first try of the shots late last year because all juice options were very popular among staff. We like that the glass bottles can be re-used and recycled, which aligns with our Sustainability Policy.


  1. Is there a flavour of shot that seems to be the crowd-pleaser?

While I think all the shots taste phenomenal, I’d have to say my personal favourite is the charcoal. It balances really well with the ginger and lemon. As for a crowd-pleaser, we have had very positive reviews about the pure ginger shot, which seems to be the most popular at the staff restaurant. The product has been very well received and liked all-round, which is a key reason why we’ve been buying more.

  1. How does Fighter Shots compare with your other product stock?

At Barings, we strive to provide our employees with healthier alternatives to sugary/junk foods. Fighter Shots are one of the healthiest options the staff restaurant offers and pair very well with the other healthy snacks in our range.


  1. Would you recommend Fighter Shots to other companies?

Yes, I’d definitely give them a try once lockdown is over! Aside from all the positive points I’ve mentioned, the price has also held well in comparison to competitors. I should think that all companies would want to give their employees a healthy energy kick. Being able to support entrepreneurial projects and small companies while doing so is an added bonus!


It’s no secret that starting a healthy habit now will have tangible long-term benefits down the line. If you’re responsible for catering at your workplace and want to support small businesses, or are a UK-based employee seeking healthier alternatives, please get in touch via info@fightershots.co.uk. We’d love for you to be part of our sustainable ‘health at work’ revolution! 

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