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All-Natural Self Care Tips for a Relaxing Weekend.

All-Natural Self Care for a Relaxing Weekend.


The weekend is here, and another week of hard work draws to a close. Perhaps you are looking to unwind, or you are conscious that your current pamper routine is one that isn’t as sustainable as it could be. It can be difficult to find a routine that stays away from the bustle of everyday life, and even harder to find one that is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly. We’ve got you covered with a list of our favourite self-care activities that love you and the environment, right back. These are just some of our favourite tips that make saving the environment feel like a luxury choice. no matter how easy and cost-effective they really are!

  • Go on a walk in nature.

Walking has become more popular during lockdown in the UK. It has become a popular past time for many wanting to socialise in a socially distanced way. This is also a great way to get those endorphins going and enjoy the outdoors. Why not plan a walk in a scenic area near you? Just remember to take your rubbish home with you or dispose of it in a bin nearby!


  • Try gardening!

You don’t need a big outdoor space to start gardening or caring for plants. In fact, all you need is a windowsill in a well-lit area of your home. Some of the easiest plants to care for at home include Pothos plant, Aglaonema, and the Chinese Money plant.


  • Try retail therapy the sustainable way.

While treating yourself is a great mood-booster, it is not always easy to find ethical and sustainable sources for this. Download Good on You from the App store to check if your favourite brands are sustainable and pay their workers fair wages. Online secondhand shops such as Depop and Vinted are great ways to get your hands on pre-loved bargains this weekend!


  • Save energy with candles.

Saving energy is not just important for the environment, but also for bills! Candles are a great way to create a relaxing ambience at home. Why not try making your own from our last blog post? Remember you can use fragrances from the old roses you were thinking of throwing out, or even your orange peel from your lunch.  


  • Upcycle!

Maybe you have an empty bottle in your home that would make a pretty vase, some flowers that could be pressed or dried, or maybe even some mason jars that could be turned into candle holders. Upcycling items in your home is a great way to save money and help the environment. It’s also a creative way to spend a weekend unwinding. Maybe you could even try creating a piece of art in your home from things you find around the house.


  • Prioritise your physical health.

It’s no secret that physical health is one of the most important parts of self-care. It can majorly boost mental wellbeing as well as decrease fatigue and improve the immune system as well as internal organ health. We suggest you try some of our ginger shots! Ginger is a potent ingredient perfect to cater to all of these health concerns. Why not try one of our ginger and turmeric shots? Turmeric is associated with reducing inflammation and accelerating workout recovery. This is perfect after a relaxing yoga session or a run of a weekend afternoon! Try adding this to your routine after physical activity to feel the benefits of our Fighter Shots.


  • Cook healthily and sustainably.

Eating healthily is a great way to boost your vitality and health. Why not try a healthy twist on your favourite meal? Going vegan for a day is a great way to eat sustainable foods, such as organic fruits and vegetables. There are vegan versions of almost every meal, including vegan barbecue foods, mac n’ ‘cheese’, and vegan burgers. We’d suggest you head over to Deliciously Ella or Minimalist Bakery to find some great recipes and get inspired!

If you have the space to grow some herbs and vegetables, why not grow your own? Growing fruits, herbs and vegetables is a fun and cost-effective way to save money and help the environment. Some of the easiest vegetables to grow at home include Beetroot, Potatoes and Tomatoes. Maybe you love our beetroot shots so much you want to grow your own at home!


  • Try meditation.

Meditation is a practice that is used all over the world to encourage focus, mindfulness, and relaxation. It’s a great practice for anyone who feels overwhelmed and finds it hard to ‘switch off’. The best thing about meditation is how accessible it is. All you need is quiet room and surroundings and meditational music. There are many ways to practice meditation, and there are some great books out there to help. We would suggest reading ‘The Art of Living (as taught by S N Goenka)’ by William Hart, or ‘The Miracle of Mindfulness’ by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Feeling inspired? We are too! We hope these tips help you to enjoy an environmentally friendly weekend of self-care and rest. Remember to prioritise your wellbeing and take this time to be mindful of your health.

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