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About Fighter Shots

Imagine you’d stumbled across an ancient spice in liquid form, that contained such powerful properties it helped people feel more energised, provided health-giving nutrients and supported immune health… and possibly much, much more.

What would you do with that knowledge about this amazing superfood? 

Anna Szymanowska first tried ginger drinks while overseas. She was so impressed by how much better she felt, she started on a mission: to create a great tasting ginger shot-in-a-bottle to make this wonder ingredient more accessible.

Several months of intense research later, Fighter Shots was born. Using Anna’s blend of only the very best natural ingredients, bottled in recyclable glass (to prevent leaching and plastic waste), these invigorating shots of warming deliciousness are a convenient way to pack in the antioxidants and other goodies. So far they have hit the spot with a loyal legion of busy executives, health and nutrition fans, people with compromised immunity and those who feel in need of more vim and vigour.

Fighter Shots has got off to such a flying start that further research has created the UK’s first Ginger and Manuka Honey shot, packed with a double whammy of proven immune support benefits and anti inflammatory properties, using the world’s best premium ingredients. Fighter Shots have recently landed in UAE – the first leg on their mission to bring “the mighty power of ginger in a little bottle” to as wide an audience as possible, for the benefit of all.