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How long can I expect shipping to take?

Standard shipping should take 2-3 business days to arrive. Due to Covid-19, Royal Mail might take a little longer; recent deliveries have taken up to 7 days.

What are my return rights?

If the product arrives damaged or does not arrive within 7 business days please contact with your concerns. We will resend damaged or missing items upon review.

Can I buy a single shot/ a mixed range?

Due to shipping costs and logistical constraints we offer cases of 12. But if you would like to place a bespoke order please contact

What can you expect from our drinks?

Fighter Shots are renowned for their potent ginger content and wealth of natural ingredients including lemon and honey. Unlike other ginger shots, which often have a high apple juice or water content, Fighter Shots is packed with flavourful, preservative free ingredients in high quantities. We do not include small token quantities of healthy ingredients just to display them on the packaging.

The result is a zesty zing of flavour that readies the body and mind for your day. Our ethically and organically sourced ingredients boost immunity, fight inflammation and possess many other remedial qualities that protect and energise. These include but are not limited to an increased metabolism, improved digestion, higher stamina, repaired and glowing skin and hair, joint strengthening, detoxing, hangover assistance and more.

How do you suggest I drink Fighter Shots?

We recommend taking Fighter Shots with you on the go and having multiple shots of different flavours spaced throughout your day. Ginger is a wonderful base with restorative properties, but maximising the benefits from other ingredients such as turmeric and collagen will leave you feeling refreshed and at your best. You do not need to take the entire shot at once, but we recommend so for convenience. Most customers enjoy Fighter Shots chilled or diluted in hot water for a comforting drink.

What ingredients are in our drinks?

We only source and use all natural, GMO free, ethically sourced ingredients with no added sugars, colouring, additives or preservatives. Our drinks are all gluten, nut, dairy and lactose free. Please see the product selection at the checkout for a detailed breakdown of the ingredients in each flavour of Fighter Shot.

Do our recipes help weight loss?

Fighter Shots are designed to be made part of your regular healthy routine. We believe that being healthy is a lifestyle choice, and at about 60 calories per bottle, they are a satisfying energy-boosting pick-me-up that avoids refined sugars. Our recipes are designed to help give your body what it needs and the ingredients may assist with weight loss and management.

Are Fighter Shots high in sugar?

The sweetness in our drinks comes purely from honey. This constitutes 10-20% of our shots. Though honey itself is high in sugar, it is still a much better choice than refined sugars and provides antioxidants — including phenolic acids and flavonoids.

Are our drinks certified as organic?

Although Fighter Shots uses a range of organic ingredients, we are not yet certified as organic as this takes time. We aim to ethically source high quality healthy ingredients while remaining affordable to give you the best experience on the market.

Are the recipes suitable for vegans?

Since all our recipes contain honey they are not considered vegan. This is the only ingredient in our juice base that is not vegan. For our ginger and collagen drink, please note that collagen is an animal product and there is no direct vegan equivalent.

Why do our drinks have sediment at the bottom of the bottle?

We include natural ingredients in our shots that settle at the bottom over time. This is perfectly normal – just give the shot a hard shake before drinking and this will do the trick.

Who are the drinks suitable for?

Our drinks are suitable for everyone except infants less than one year old. This is because our drinks contain honey, which should not be fed to infants due to the risk of botulism. None of our drinks exceed the recommended daily doses of the ingredients. Customers with special needs may wish to consult their doctor before consumption.

When is the best time to drink Fighter Shots?

The best time to drink Fighter Shots is purely preferential. We find that people like to drink Fighter Shots at the beginning of the day or before doing any strenuous physical or mental activity. We recommend against taking Fighter Shots before bed since they are designed to give you an energy boost.

What is the shelf life?

Shelf life from production is 12 months. We do not use unnatural preservatives to extend the shelf life. Our drinks are gently pasteurised and the high lemon juice content raises acidity which kills hostile bugs and bacteria. Ginger and honey have also been known to help with preservation. Our bottles are sealed airtight to ensure no harmful contaminants can make their way into the shots.

How can I leave feedback or complaints?

Please email: with any complaints. We welcome you to leave a positive review on Amazon if you enjoy our shots. We appreciate great feedback from our customers.